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Elocution means different things to different people - and not all of them helpful!   But its true definition is simply ‘the skill of clear and expressive speech’ and that is something we all need to have.

You may have particular issues with your speech and how you express yourself; you may be uncomfortable with the way you speak, struggling to make yourself understood or feeling disadvantaged in a competitive job market.  

I am a trained actor, voice & performance coach and Teacher of the Alexander Technique, with over 30 years experience of teaching voice and movement skills. With one-to-one private elocution coaching, I can help you with :

Our voice is probably the most crucial part of communication and what we use first and foremost to make a connection with people.  Yet so many of us lack the skills of good, clear, expressive speech; or have acquired unhelpful habits through life which prevent us from making ourselves understood as well as we could…

What is elocution really all about?

The problems you are having with your speech will be very individual to you and I will work with you to identify and let go of patterns that keep you from speaking as well as you could; and to enhance the quality of your spoken voice…

What happens in a lesson?

Business, Performance & Confidence Building

If you are looking for help finding and improving the use of your voice for public speaking, presentation and general communication in business or in performance - you will find information about the individually tailored one-to-one coaching that I provide at: Find Your Voice>>

Contact & Locations

You will find me in at Sherford House in Bromyard, Herefordshire on Wednesdays and all other days at my main practice in Sunningdale, Ascot, Berkshire.

Quintin Norris, Elocution Coach, West Midlands

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